Cocos Premium 100% Coconut Water


Coconut water is the liquid found in green, immature coconuts. Coconut juice is one of nature’s healthiest, most refreshing soft drinks, consumed worldwide for its nourishing and health-promoting properties. It contains natural sugars, salts and vitamins, so it gives energy to our body. Low calorie, fat and cholesterol free.


Product information

Country of Origin


Package content

6 or 24 cans (330ml) of premium coconut water


For 6 boxes: 2075 g / For 24 boxes: 8640 g

Model size

For 6 boxes: 200x135x115 (mm) / For 24 boxes: 405x275x125 (mm)

Packaging information

For 6 boxes:
Up to 3 of this package can be ordered, above it we treat it as a larger package (24 pcs).
For 24 boxes:
In the case of an Austrian delivery address, the maximum orderable quantity is 3 pieces / order.

Delivery information

In the territory of Hungary: Delivery time: 2 – 4 days *, shipping fee: up to 10,500 HUF basket value 1,500 HUF between 10,500 HUF and 27,000 HUF basket value the fee is 1,900 HUF and from 27,000 HUF we deliver free of charge.

In the territory of Austria: Delivery time: 4 – 5 days* shipping fee: 17 EUR delivery fee until 48 EUR basket value, above 20 EUR throughout Austria.

For more information, see Shipping Information.

It’s packed with natural sugars, salts, and vitamins to block out fatigue.

Coconut water is a wonderful energy drink, it helps the cells to hydrate, replenish and increase the energy level after any strong activity or after training. Natural coconut water has a lower sugar and potassium content than any other sports or energy drink.

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100% pure coconut water found in green, unripe coconuts.